Panasonic CQ-DF800U

MSRP: $450.00
  • Day and Night Metal-Finish faceplate
  • Detachable, fold-down face
  • Multicolor display
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • 5-channel 3-DSB processing (including Panasonic's "Super Bass" feature)
  • Front and rear sets of 5-volt preamp outputs with low, 60-ohm impedance
  • Non-fading subwoofer outputs with 80/120 Hz low-pass filter
  • Auxiliary input
  • MOSFET 47 amp chip
  • CD changer controls
  • Disc titling
  • Wireless remote
  • 24 watts RMS/47 peak x 4 channels
  • CD frequency response 2-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ration 96 dB
  • FM sensitivity 11 dBf
  • 1-year warranty
Power Output (Watts) 24
Peak Power Output 47
Anti-theft Protection Yes
Changer Control Yes
Wireless Remote Yes
Video System Control No
Aux Audio Input Yes
Random Play Yes/ with delete
Intro Scan Yes
Anti-Shock Memory No sec.
Preamp Outputs 3 sets
Subwoofer Preamp Output Yes
Preamp Output Voltage 5.0V
Low-Pass Crossover Yes
High-Pass Crossover Yes
Built-In Equalizer Yes
European Tuning Yes
Radio Data System Yes
FM Mono Sensitivity Y11 dBf
Signal-To-Noise Ration 96 dB

More Features:
  • MOSFET47 Power: This unit is equipped with MOSFET amplifier devices to deliver 24 watts RMS power to four channels; peak is an amazing 47 watts per channel.
  • 5.0 volt Gold-Plated Front and Rear Preamp Outputs
  • 5.0 volt Gold-Plated Subwoofer Preamp Outputs: The subwoofer preamp outputs are low pass, non-fading outputs. The crossovers slope is 12dB/octave, and you may select an 80Hz or 120Hz crossover point. The sub-woofer volume level is adjustable.
  • Low Preamp Output Impedance: The front, rear and subwoofer preamp outputs have an output impedance of 60-ohms. This is lower than on many receivers and allows an amplifier or processor connected to its preamplifier outs to receive a greater portion of the output signal than it would if connected to a head unit with a higher preamp output impedance.
  • 3-DSB (3-Dimensional Surround and Super Bass): Combines 3-dimensional sound from two front speakers with rear channel super bass. When 3-DSB is turned on while receiving mono AM broadcasts or when listening to a FM broadcast in mono mode, you will be able to listen with a virtual stereo effect. The 3-DSB effect can be enhanced with the addition of a center channel speaker. There are 10 effect volume levels to choose from, and, when the optional center speaker is connected, you may select from 8 center speaker volume levels. 3-DBS can be used with or without loudness feature turned on.
  • Center Speaker Output: The 5-watt maximum center speaker output wires can be connected to a speaker mounted in the center of the dash (this will generally require custom installation). When the 3-DSB feature is activated, us of the center speaker output provides enhanced sound staging. The center speaker volume may be set to one of 8 levels (0 to 7) for 3-DSB playback.
  • Day & Night Faceplate: During day light conditions, the faceplate is a champagne color, then at night (or whenever it's dark in the vehicle) the faceplate illuminates marine blue with sky blue accents.
  • Multi-Colored Display: The radio frequency, track number, track time, clock, mute, loud, local, mono repeat and random indicators are displayed in white. There are small green and red signal level "meter" in the lower right corner of the display. The "3-DSB" and stereo indicators are displayed in red. The spectrum analyzer display illuminates in blue. There are white and green multi-segment indicators that scroll from bottom to top while a CD is being played. When the clock has been given display priority, there is a curved white multi-segment indicator which blinks a as basic seconds counter.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Display: You may select from 6 display patterns; the 8-band analyzer appears only when the volume level is set above "0". While making volume adjustments, the far left and far right portions of the analyzer give a graphic representation of the volume level setting; When making balance, fader, bass, treble and subwoofer volume adjustments, the analyzer displays graphic representations corresponding to the type of adjustment being made (i.e. when bass is boosted the right hand segments of the analyzer move upward, and when the balance is adjusted illuminated segments move in the direction of the adjustments).
  • Dimmer: A dimmer button on the unit's front panel allows you to set the display to one of three brightness levels.
  • Disc Title Input: A title of up to 8 characters may be put into memory for up to a total of 25 discs. The titles may be entered for discs played in the built-in CD player and/or an optional CD changer.
  • Direct Track Access: The first twelve tracks of a CD may be accessed directly using the preset buttons. To access the first six tracks, you simply press and release the corresponding preset button (1-6). For access to tracks 7 to 12, you press and hold the preset button with the desired track number (7-12) above it.
  • Multi-Stage Noise Shaping (MASH): This feature helps prevent zero-cross distortion and non-linear distortion during CD playback by moving digital noise (distortion) out of the audible range.
  • 1-bit 4 DAC D/A conversion: Digital to analog conversion is done with four 1-bit digital to analog converters.
  • CD Compatibility This unit will play prerecorded CDs and CD-Rs, but will not play CD-RWs.
  • Alpha Tuner" Tuner designed to help suppress multi-path distortion and reduce the problem of radio signal reflections in metropolitan areas. It also features increased sensitivity for weak signal areas.
  • CD Changer Control: This unit will control Panasonic's current 6 and 8-disc CD changers. When used as a CD changer controller, the unit will select discs and tracks, search tracks, repeat tracks, activate random play mode (random play back of tracks on all the discs in the changer), scan tracks (first 10 seconds of each track on the discs play in sequence), and scan discs (first 10 seconds of the first track of each disc is played). Discs can be selected directly using the preset buttons.
  • AUX Input: There is a stereo set of RCA inputs on a 5-inch pigtail attached to the rear of the unit. This set of inputs may be used to connect a portable tape or MD player.
  • Blinking Security Indicator: When the face is removed, a red LED blinks on the front panel of the radio. The security indicator can be deactivated.
  • Wireless Remote: The included wireless remote controls basic tuner, CD and CD changer functions.
Remote Buttons:
  • Power: turns power on and off.
  • ATT: attenuates output to approximately 1/10 normal level
  • Source: selects radio, CD (single), or CD (changer) or AUX
  • 3-DSB (indicated by a musical note): turns 3-DSB feature on/off
  • Volume up/down: two buttons denoted by upward/downward pointing arrow that turn volume up/down
  • SEL: switches between audio adjustments modes (volume, bass, treble, balance, fader, subwoofer)
  • Band: selects tuner band
  • Disc Up: advances from one disc to another when CD changer connected
  • Disc Down: advances backwards from one disc to another when CD changer connected
  • Tune/Track: two buttons used for manual and seek radio station tuning, track selection and track search
  • Dimmer: changes display brightness setting and switched between level meter settings
  • DISP: turns clock display on/off
  • Display Illumination/Clock Display: When the clock has been given display priority, pressing the power button once will turn off audio output, but the clock display and face and button illumination remain on; at this time a curved white multi-segment indicator blinks as a basic seconds counter. To turn off completely, power must be removed from the accessory power(red) lead. Even when the clock has not been given display priority, if the unit is installed in a vehicle that has not been equipped with an accessory power at the radio location, the red accessory power wire of this unit should be connected to an alternate source of switched power (as long as both power wires are receiving power, the power button illuminates). This unit's illumination and clock are "keyed" only when the clock has been given display priority. When the clock has not been given display priority and the unit is off, but power is supplied to both power wires, only the power (source) button illuminates.

Brand new, never been opened, just received in the mail from an authorized Panasonic dealer. I will pass my savings along to you. Buyer agrees to pay $7.00 S&H (Shipping & Handling). COD add $8.00. Money Order or Cashiers Check accepted as payment. Personal check requires 2-week waiting period. U.S. Orders Only!

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